Saturday, October 29, 2005


Night side
grassy dew

porch lamp
halos gold
fades through
silk darkness

of the daywarmth sun
purrs up from the curb
round my bare ankles
in the dusk

through me
a warm exhalation
through the kiss
of an unforgotten lover
running expectant
down through me
to find its own uncertain bottom

               of breeze
green smell
urgent life
in full leaf




Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful montage.
Are you a he coyote or a she coyote?

Anonymous said...

As usual, you've painted a picture that makes me feel like I'm right there. Hot summer evenings....mmmmm...

-by the way, this is the "original" anonymous. I may have to pick a new name, you're starting to get so many admirers!

coyote said...

I'll label you Nonny One and Nonny Two for convenience -- Nonny One being the one who began to comment under that guise a few weeks back, and Nonny Two being today's addition.

So, Nonny Two, to answer you first, I am a he coyote. Your question surprised me, but when I read back I see that unless you get fairly archaeological about these poems and their accompanying comments, it's really not all that clear, much of the time. How interesting...

And Nonny One, I'm glad you like the pictures. But of course, you know whereof I write.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read back that much, that's why I asked.

(Who is Nonny?) is she bothered by your admirers? Does nonny think I am an admirer?

i just found your blog and poems interesting. and so i wrote a comment. how strange if someone calls me an admirer based on this.

Nonny two (ya, whatever)

lucy said...

Silk darkness.....

Indeed, it is a wonderful montage.(borrowed words from first comment)
My mind's eye scanned the images.

coyote said...

Glad you find it interesting, Nonny-Two-(y,w). Come back anytime.

Nonny One, I believe, speaks facetiously of admirers... she's not bothered, just considering how to keep the cast members of this thread straight.