Saturday, October 15, 2005

Willow Creek

From the bridge above
we watch
the skimwater flight
of riverbank swallows
dark flocked
against shinebrightness
careless wings
so close to the surface
at each beat
we swear they leave
spreading ripples
like water walkers
flinging jewels
to the sun.


Anonymous said...

It's all so beautiful. You need to get this published.

But tell me -- isn't it hard for a coyote to write about such things? Things like birds anyway. Aren't they just snacks?

coyote said...

I am a a partly mythological coyote, with many more things on my mind than lunch -- therefore, birds are only partly snackworthy.

Besides, have you ever tried to catch a bank swallow? They're way faster than gophers. And those little stinkers are quick...