Monday, October 17, 2005

You Are Dreamreal

You are dreamreal
as we talk and touch
and watch the sunset coming
through the windows
fade down the wall
the candle you've lit
on the floor.
Your face keeps changing.
The candleflame
casts shadows
around you
catches soft gold
in your hair.
Another quiet fire casts shadows
from somewhere inside you.
I can't decide which
changes your face.
We touch
draw closer
smell musk smells
taste dusk tastes.
Your body.
My body.
Your body, my body.
Breathing dances ragged
I watch your eyes burn close
in the gold neardark
and tell you you're beautiful.
You tell me "shut up".
Your voice has crying in it somewhere...
Then you ask me to hold on tight, tighter
and we stay together in the moving shadows
for a long time.
We are nearly afraid.
Nothing seems sure.
But I hold you close
and you are dreamreal.


lucy said...

I have to say, this is one of the nicest verses I have read lately. It is deep and yet flies high above. It has rhythm and it's music is still ringing in my ears...

coyote said...

Mmm. I have to say, this one was very spontaneous and quickly written. Perhaps I was listening to the music, myself, and transcribing... it remains one of my favourites.

tungstengreen said...

lovey piece!
i've read it over and over, it just grows on you!

adi said...

how beautiful it cud be...