Monday, November 21, 2005

All things

All things
are possible this February night.

We skate the length
of the frozen canal
bathing in dim magic
flying long glides
gentle and effortless
past streetlamplit
skaters and ice sculptures
smiling miles down long curves
beneath vaulting iron bridges
named for prime ministers
holding mitted hands nearly
to a copper-roofed parliament
lit, to my stranger prairie eyes
like a story castle
then after we turn
to skate the miles back
we fall laughing
a long time
into a snowdrift
beside a quiet inlet
become giddy on cognac
and each other
before managing
almost reluctantly
to skate our way
back to your warm home.

Come to me now
gray eyed princess of dreams
we'll enter the night again
watch this dim lit city
from the thirteenth floor
ice mist rising
from frozen waterfalls
and tailpipes of cars
on the streets far below
we'll hoard the short moment
as our breaths fog the window
you in front
your arms holding mine
clasped across your chest
under the milky dim explosion
of winter sky and
I'll memorize again a face
reflected on the glass
like painted rain
and imagine
the wires of love
singing in a west wind
as you write messages
across the distance
for me to read
under an electrical moon
hung in a saffron foothills sky
when I've gone again.


4th Dwarf said...

I just saw your copyright notice. It reminded me of how territorial you can be.

Given that at least one of your readers wants to meet you in real life, perhaps you should put up a link to this site.

eqpmr: Each quill parts my range

coyote said...

Territorial? Moi? It's a big old world, and I don't want much of it, short guy. I only require that these small things be acknowledged as the fruits of my labour. Any and all are free to read them for free, but it would be grossly unfair if, say, it occurred to some cruising creative writing student somewhere to try to swipe 'em and fob 'em off as their own, for credit.

And in the same spirit, I have to say that I truly resent that bit that says "...avoid feeding coyotes or other animals while in the wilderness...." We coyotes believe strongly in sharing. Especially other people's food.

qhszi: 'Quick, hide some zabaglione imperceptibly'

Fingers said...

This link, 4th Dwarf has left is Too funny!

4th Dwarf said...

Not territorial?

Not to generalize, but let's do a little googling:

Coyotes are territorial, with the males marking their boundaries, as many canids do, with urine signposts.

Like other carnivores, coyotes are territorial and establish home ranges that typically range from 5-20 square miles.

Because coyotes are territorial, resident coyotes that have not developed calf-killing behaviors may actually reduce risk of livestock loss by repelling ...

Coyotes are territorial animals who actively defend their territory from transient coyotes.

Coyotes are territorial during the bulk of the year.

Coyotes are territorial; they may perceive domestic dogs as a threat, triggering a response to defend home turf, food sources, den sites and offspring. ...

Coyotes are territorial critters, meaning they like to cut out a certain piece of real estate and call it home, and they don't like strangers roaming around ...

hvoyk: he violates only your kindness

coyote said...

All true, for plain vanilla coyotes. But when was the last time I peed on your footwear, short guy? And how many times have I said in passing that I am a partly-mythical archetype? As a believer of Heisenberg, I will remain studiously outside of any box of logic you care to construct.

4th Dwarf said...

You always get me when you bring up Heisenberg. It makes me all uncertain.

And as long as you're staying outside of boxes, don't go hopping after kittens into any that belong to that Schrödinger fellow.