Sunday, November 13, 2005


I wake alone now
in the starry early hours
to deliberately muted
Debussy or Chopin
on all-night radio
instead of the rhythm
of your breath.

There's so much
I regret about
our unsatisfactory ending
I wouldn't exchange
this clinical loneliness
for what we had
two misaligned orbits
into random anger
before reaching
the final comfort
of your
soft regular breath
next to me
after all else
was exhausted.


4th Dwarf said...

Hey! Great! An outer space theme. Now you can use one of my illustrations. Like this one!

Or do you only accept submissions from gorgeous young women?

Fingers said...

The change in space is interesting.

4th Dwarf, your illustration is endearing indeed.

4th Dwarf said...

Ah, ha! Did you see what fingers just said, Coyote, "endearing".

And this Fingers does work that rivals that of your beloved Lucy.

coyote said...

We're attempting to make art, here, short guy. Whereas you appear to be attempting to stir an entirely different pot...

Lucy and Fingers said...

Coyote, why don't you write notes for me, on my spaces? Perhaps it would make more sense if I picked up my mail from my own letterbox, and not yours...
(smiling, now)

coyote said...

I'll do that.