Monday, November 07, 2005


From the groggy bottom
of a morning fog
strong dark coffee
pungeantly pushes me
the slow dull flow
of random dark thoughts
into a glossy geyser
liquid sheen
too bright
too clear
too fast
to grasp.

I pop
like a cork
through the top
of a thinning cloud
that glares white around me
a rolling explosion
under a vibrating
high altitude sun.

Illustration by Lucy -
see more of her art at


Anonymous said...

Drinking coffee will never be the same.

Even coyotes have their addictions, I guess. But not all can write about it, and use it as a vehicle, in describing the inner person.

Cool. Or should I say "hot?" Decaf? Iced?

Lucy said...

There's so much to be said about coffee.
Why did Neruda leave it out of his odes?
I really wonder why Neruda left out so many things to write odes to...he also never wrote an ode to a balcony.
Thank you for adding my blog on your list, saw it now.

lucy said...

A couple of other things...
So, I had no idea you visit my blog...
Do you ever read things I write? Have you also seen the drawings etc? Just curious...
(smiling now)..why don't you ever leave a footprint? a pug mark?
Why are you so well does one open the seal, or is that not possible at all?

coyote said...

Hey, Nonny. Cool. Us coyotes is cool.

Hi, Lucy. Of course I read the things you write. And admire the drawings and photographs. I enjoy seeing what talented people do with themselves, and your self portraits (with or without furrows) are fine things to look at.

I leave few footprints because that is the nature of coyotes. We're a shy lot. If you want to know more, about me, and why I am so light-pawed -- and if you have the time to read archives of 168 posts, plus anything up to 20-odd comments a day, then I can point you to the Elgin Street Irregulars link, above yours... the site is dormant now, but it was something between a cartoon romp and a quite serious commentary while it was going, and I was in it up to the tips of my furry ears. If you begin at the beginning, I think it tells the story. There are a few small clues to be had in Swabbin' the Deck and Exile on Elgin Street, too.

Pablo Neruda and coffee? I don't know. It seems like a large oversight for such a genius. There is indeed much to be said about coffee, but perhaps he felt inclined to say more about other things that seemed more worthy to him... there's just no accounting for personal taste.

coyote said...

...and perhaps I should ask if Newspaper Clippings and Lucy know each other...

lucy said...

Newspaper clippings and Lucy? They're country cousins.

coyote said...

Ah. And the sound of delicately grinding gears that you hear from the other side of this rock we share is me, deducing which country. I smile.

lucy said...

I smile too.

Laban T Walker said...

a worthy ode for this necessary elixer

4th Dwarf said...

Beautiful work, Lucy and Coyote.