Friday, November 04, 2005

Une histoire de la pensée

The smoke
from a single French cigarette
curls up on the still summer air
through the leaves of a pear tree.

From the garden wall
an amber eyed cat.

The smoker
on the bench
beneath the tree
is thinking about sex.

The marmalade cat is thinking
about western philosophers'
late contributions
to the history
of rational thought,
particularly Descartes.
became philosophical
after the operation
in which he was neutered.

Eyes narrowed
against bright sun
he yawns
in fangy langour
his horny companion
and the smoke
and philosophy
and wishes
he were
considering sex


Anonymous said...

(non.1 here...) And now I smile, too...

This makes me want to find out exactly WHAT a pear tree looks like.

Lucy said...

This is Brilliant! I love the imagery it gives and can see a slow pan camera movement. Infact, I'm so enthused after reading this one, I think I'll try illustrating it.
Was it perhaps three or a little later in the afternoon?
Tres bien!

coyote said...

Hey, Nonny. It's a tree with pears in it.

And Lucy, yes, let's say three. On a good warm day, in a good warm month.