Thursday, November 17, 2005


Something like callous now
I've begun to take lovers
to compare them with you.
Some were more expert;
could move me as you do
and only one
trying too hard
to read love in my eyes
cried out
when she glimpsed
for a moment
craters and grey ash
behind the dead irae.
The others
did not wish to look
did not care to know
I was not looking at
I was not loving


5th Muse said...

Oh dear, this strikes fear into my heart ...

coyote said...

As well it might. A fairly ashy piece from the wasteland era, which was not a good one. For what it's worth, the unreliable narrator in this case is quite young, probably prone to hormonal imbalances and histrionic exaggeration... and long gone.

4th Dwarf said...

Long gone? or hiding?

[new game: make a poem of the word verification letters wbjlvj

We believe. Jokers leave. Vicious jive.]

coyote said...


Fingers said...

I like the new game, 4th Dwarf.


Give Me
Vast Blue
Usefully. (whatever)
someone tell me how do you write in bold and italics here?

Fingers said...

I like this poem. It's made me revisit a fish market in Diu, Gujarat, India.
don't ask me what the connection is.

Fingers said...

Tell me about old wallets and shoes....


coyote said...

Mmm, you're inventive with that game. I keep getting strings of x's and z's that look to me like nothing so much as large wet xneexez.

Wallets and shoes. Well, with both, I think most people will wear them out, then keep on using them for far longer than they should. They may both be fashion accessories, but most wise people value them more for their utility rather than their style.

I do not include Paris Hilton in this category, naturally, but she has other issues.

They can be made with the same materials. People rarely think consciously about them unless they're so badly designed that they become stupid to use. Many people use them every day. They're dark inside. They can be used to hide things. They get holes in them. I'm sure I had half-conceived a clever metaphor here, yesterday, but we coyotes, living in the moment as we do, often don't do well with long term memory -- 'less ya count instinct...

Fingers said...

Thank you for telling me this tale.
Tell me more, with clever Coyote metaphors.

Look noel!
a Sleeping Owl
Up there!