Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I noticed first
the muscles of
your bare calf
as you slipped
tanned feet
from sandals
coming in
from the flower garden
in faded shorts
and blouse
later the definition
on your
pollen dusted thigh
when you leaned
on the edge of the counter
drinking cold water
from the tap
as a stray lock of hair
brushed past
the end of your eyebrow
and flirted with
a bead of summer sweat.
I didn't know
until then
I could feel
so seduced
by the casual strength
of your
matter-of-fact body
even at rest.


Fingers said...

I've tried.
But I still don't know what to say.

Atul Sabnis said...

...what it speaks to me
are sounds from within
...i shut them out;
await for something from without

coyote said...

It's enough that you appreciate them, Lucy.

Fingers said...

I know I shouldn't try too hard to write things lest they seem and become forced. But if something's really good, it should be appreciated...isn't it?
And that's where I find myself at a loss for words. Right here.