Friday, January 20, 2006


"This is male bonding"
we tell Maureen,
cheerfully brazen
as we crack open
the 48 oz. can of Libby's.
We have to think of
something quick
otherwise we'd look stupid.
Her dark eyes
confer a practiced glance
of tolerant, amused disgust
and she bends back
to weeding the flowerbed.
– two grown males,
and Ry, who is two, and
speaking just now in repitends –
sit grandly enthroned
on the concrete
kitchen steps
and soup-spoon
vast mouthfuls
of cold pork and beans
straight from the can
while our acolyte Cosa's
intelligent brows
twitch anxious
above her alert
brown dog eyes,
intent upon
lordly conferral
of inevitable spillage.
As we eat
we carefully share
the all-important
bits of pork
between us,
surveying our
backyard domain
in benevolence,
sated minor deities
that we are.


fingers said...

Just the sort of thing I wanted to read, something that made me laugh!
Why are men so clumsy?


coyote said...

Genetic, I expect.

Fingers said...

I've tagged you.

coyote said...

Dear me. Coyotes don't do tags...

Fingers said...

I know they don't. But you're a half-mythical one, aren't you?

Besides, is there something really that couldn't be said through verse?

4th Dwarf said...

Since Coyote isn't going to respond to finger's tag, I will give you my best guess:

8 things about what Coyote's ideal partner should be like

1. Nice smell.
2. Not too flowery.
3. Able to keep up.
4. Has her own lair.
5. Not looking to redecorate his.
6. Appreciates good music.
7. Training in massage, physical therapy, Rieki or other hands-on healing.
8. Drives a fast car.

4th Dwarf said...

Actually, #7 belongs on my list. I think I was projecting there.

4th Dwarf said...

Wait! It turns out Coyote did answer the tag and I just missed it in my usual sloppy way.

And maybe some of my list belongs on his list, but one thing is for sure.

#6 - She had better be able to "appreciate -- on some level -- bad jokes and worse puns". He really means it.

I don't know how I missed that quality in my list. It would be essential.