Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Red Bicycle

so much depends

a red ten speed

abandoned in

a trapeze for black

    -- with apologies to
       Bill Williams & his
       wheel barrow


4th Dwarf said...

Were you also inspired by Minty Fresh's latest?

coyote said...

Well, red bikes in snowdrifts are turning out to be far more common in Ottawa than any two independent bloggers who are studiously ignoring each other would ever think. Since I posted that yesterday, I've seen at least seven.

One is parked outside the Mayflower Pub, where some obviously-puerile band of frat boy jerks keeps giving the wheel rims another kick every time they drag their hairy knuckles past the poor thing. It looks, at this juncture, like an aluminum sculpture of a pair overtoasted taco chips. Waste of a perfectly good bicycle...