Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ocean kayak

Deep water chuckles
underneath my slim thin hull
I stroke my paddles

a young harbour seal
swims in my bubbling wake
dark deep eyes gleaming

he's been there for miles
following and observing
my near silent run

gliding close by
certain times in my passage
to touch his sleek head

to the dangling line
trailing in the calm water
a game to pass time

we water creatures
incline to stick together
on this green surface

staying within sight
on our separate journeys
through Desolation Sound.


Anonymous said...

Yes, water does chuckle! You do think of words to describe it, that I never have, but are perfect. That little sound of water laughing plays such a nice role in many of my good memories...

coyote said...

It's kinda a nice, isn't it? But I can't say the description is mine, and I can't say I remember where I swiped it from, either. It's not entirely common, but a quick, tight Google of "chuckling water" -- with quotation marks -- finds at least 174 citations, and if you open up the search term a bit, it leaps into the thousands pretty quickly...