Monday, February 27, 2006

Play thing

The southerly breeze is light
in the foothills this morning
and two great shaggy dogs
nose suspiciously at
this latest evidence
of human insanity
as I ready my kite
on the sunny back deck
of the ranch house.

They woof startled,
then yammer loudly
when it dances up
swoops wildly on the wind
falters and swings low
nearly spooks horses
in a dusty pasture
across the gravel road allowance
then catches a good gust
steadies and lifts.

I slowly pay out
two thirds of a mile
of thin tough cord
up into blue sky
my eyes tied
to the bright kite
as it soars high
nearly lost to sight
in warm summer air.

My dim eyed hounds
interest long lost
snooze in the shade
by the time a young eagle
adolescent curiousity raised
by wide nylon sails
hovering at the edge
of his airy territory
aviates spreadwinged
across lazy thermals
a challenge
spirals in
feints attack
suddenly realizes
this strange thing
is a joyous toy
to be danced with.

He dances.

1 comment:

C said...

I haven't flown a kite in fun!

We would go to the beach on weekends and fly kites. That was many years ago, when the Coast was still a family place, and there were no casinos to get in the way...

I remember always marveling in how difficult it was to control. The wind is such a fickle entity...