Tuesday, February 21, 2006

That Plant

Some of my best friends
are chlorophyll-based
life forms.
No, really. Honest.
But That Plant and I
sit in opposing corners
of this shell shocked room
like a couple of
opposing mideast factions
that haven't so much
declared a truce
as run out of grenades
it brown leafed and reproachful
in its red ceramic bunker
a far cry from its
green salad days
when it had ambitions
of regional domination
but still sprouting
evil little tendrils
despite, for my part
a flurry of
failed diplomacy
studied strategies of neglect
watering of mass dessication
furtive fertilizer embargoes
when no one was looking
and full frontal assault
with snackering shears
when someone was looking
but it kept pulling itself up
by primoridal spaghnum
kept shooting
until we finally came
to bitter mutual recognition
that we were locked
in unwinnable combat
neither with
an adequate exit strategy
both doomed
to stare out
at each other forever
across some
dark green line
of the soul.


Fingers said...

I tried to draw something for this.

coyote said...

Pity. It'd be quite the picture, fingers....

Nessa said...

Some of my best friends
are chlorophyll-based
life forms.

Mine too :)

JP said...

'furtive fertilizer embargoes'

I like that line. I like this poem too - I always prefer poetry that makes me chuckle, but rarely find any. Thanks

coyote said...

Thanks, jp. I've been told my sense of humour could be the death of me. But I think it was a plant talking.