Monday, March 13, 2006


always were curious
about the insides of things,
and what makes them work;
but now you are obsessed.

strip me naked
in public places
but your eyes
remain unsatisfied.

I can tell
cannot be
entirely happy
until you see
my living bones
dark blue, fresh,
still damp from
the flesh
you peeled from them
laid out before you
for closer examination.

won't feel fulfilled
until you hold my
gray pink brain
cupped unresisting
in your
probing fingers
while my opened skull
smiles unfelt mockery
from atop
the small pile of
scattered at
your feet.


Anonymous said... this the product of another of your nightmares? I do remember that one where a green-eyed person's head ends up in a box under your bed...

coyote said...

Hi, Nonny. But you did remember it, didn't you? No, no nightmares this time -- just dabbling in allegory or metaphor, or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...well, I do love dabblers in metaphor or allegory...that makes this piece even better. And I remember the other one because the head's description sort of matched mine!!!