Friday, March 17, 2006

'Kay, people here's how it works today: there was a birthday party, yesterday, involving cake. Massive chocolate hangover. You should never feed any canine chocolate -- it's very baaaad for them. Coyote will be back on Monday. Possibly bright-eyed, certainly bushy-tailed.


Anonymous said...

Holy *(&#^%$%*!!!!!!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...................!!!!!!!

coyote said...

Hey Nonny; not your fault. I am a doggie with free will, and take total responsibility for my personal actions. It was delicious cake.

Anonymous said...

It sure was! And it's all gone now...I've got a great idea: next time, just give me your slice, too!

coyote said...

Excerpt from:
The Laic Guide to Semi-Mythical Coyotes:
A Field Manual for the Unwashed Masses

Rules for Dealing With Coyotes, # 43:
"Any attempt by any person to take any of my cake will require me to bite them."

4th Dwarf said...

Now this is a poem I can understand.

molina said...

3 haikus fer youse...

Too much chocolate
blood sugar level plunges
your head's exploding!

coyotes can't resist
that's why warnings don't matter
you have 'The Weakness'

"Knock knock, knock." "Who's there?"
"Hair of the dog that bit you."
"What took you so long?"

Get better!

coyote said...

Thanks, everybody. With chocolate sprinkles on top....