Friday, March 24, 2006


Well, pal
whether you're
naturally inclined
to see that beer
as half full
or half empty
it's still done
when they run you out
at closing time.


molina said...

But, that's why there are bootleggers, so Kant for instance can continue to be discussed at length into the wee hours and beyond. All hail the bootleggers of Koenigsberg! Or Tubingen for that matter...

coyote said...

Molina, I can see that you're the kinda guy who'd rather find another bottle, than be lured into existential pop-psychology...

molina said...

Well, I did notice that in your poem the debate ended when the pub locked up for the night, but it seemed more in the spirit as it were, to keep the controversy alive, which seemed to mean finding at least one more bottle and splitting it. So I guess I was expressing a half-assed optimism of sorts...

extistentially for the time being,

- m -