Monday, April 10, 2006

I am not your lover

I am not your lover.
I have inhaled
your honeysuckle lightness
in close passing
have felt
your warm shoulder cupped
comfortably into mine
in dim theatres
have admired
the fine planes
of the bones in your face
in changing light
have been held
in the warm wrap
of your casual caring
have shared
long winter afternoons
of hot tea and secrets
have seen
your deep eyes' shine
pulled up shallow and dull
by anger and weariness
have held
your slight frame
while you shook crying
in tense silent spasms
have stroked your back
and murmured calm
until you softened and quieted
and could finally find sleep.
I have not understood
this wordless caring
I am not your lover.


fingers said...

Not a lover
inspite of all this?
I don't understand, Coyote...

Not in love?
I'm confused...

coyote said...

And some relationships are confusing, aren't they, Fingers? "Not your lover" is not quite the same thing as "not in love"...

4th Dwarf said...

I was worried you were talking about me until I got to the holding the slight crying frame part.

Because you know I like you, C-dog, but it's strictly platonic.