Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To hell with all of that

In the failed aftermath
of the long last
busted romance
shall I fill, I wonder,
my remaining days
like doubting Thomas
in a postmodern wasteland
ruefully contemplating
earnestly uneaten peaches
and unrolled trousers
with torso-climbing
old-fart waistlines
to the muted accompaniment
of badly played coffee spoons,
or cultivating a series
of increasingly odd hobbies
elevating eccentricities
ballooning neuroses
unruly tufts of volunteer hair
sprouting richly luxuriant
in the ridiculous places
that mother nature,
an avid practical joker
at the best of times,
whimsically bestows
in ironic compensation
for a thinning mane
in places that are not?

Or shall I assert
To Hell With All Of That,
wedge makeshift matchbooks
beneath the unevenly worn legs
of my wobbly certainty,
one more time,
and dare again
to trust
in uncertain love?


4th Dwarf said...

Well, poochie, with that first sentence we're back to me not knowing what you're talking about. Something about your pants not fitting right, I gather.

In the second sentence, you've got a wobbly table and you're not sure about some woman? You might try rotating the table. There's some mathematical thing says that's supposed to work.

As for the gal, do you really have a choice in the matter? Or is this one of the poems you've kept in the bottom of a drawer that dates back to just before some disastrous fling?

coyote said...

Ooh; you're in wicked good form today, Short Stuff. What ever happened to metaphor and allusion as easily-understood common currencies of discourse? I blame the educational system. That pirate/astronaut prep school of yours obviously ain't worth beans. Coyotes don't usually wear pants. Although I believe from the first sentence in your last 'graph, that you are suggesting that she'd be the one wearin' the pants, in any case...

4th Dwarf said...

Oh, heck, I tease, but I get metaphor and simile, I get them like a kindergarten teacher gets colds.

No, no, I just didn't get:
a) whether it was you or doubting Thomas was in the postmodern wasteland; and
b) whether the "or" in front of "cultivating" was inclusive or exclusive.

Also, I assume that it's meant to be possibly ambiguous whether mother nature bestows odd hobbies and the other things for a thinning mane in places that are not. Being she's such a practical joker.

coyote said...

Speaking of hairs in odd places, apparently you spent a lotta time splitting semantic hairs, to get the better of your rumsoaked shipmates, whilst you were quilling out those 'here's-how-we-divvy-up-the-treasure' tontines. You already know that I like to hang clauses on ambiguous hinges. I suppose:
a) the wasteland'd be Tom's creation, and I'd just be flitting about in it, and;
b) I see nothing wrong with having an 'in/exclusive or' -- being as how I got my poetic licence outta a cereal box... probably a generic.

Anonymous said...

Be at peace coyote. You are allowing him to get to you. And as you well know, there are MANY MANY people in this fair city who devote good portions of their lives, to the avoidance of just that fate.

Well, I get it! And, dare I say, you already know my thoughts on the whole issue...

Anonymous said...

Can the peaches, will ya?

coyote said...

Tsk. Got somethin' against hairy fruit, Nonny2?