Friday, May 05, 2006

Picasso Museum

"You posers
only keep saying
he was a genius
because you're afraid
to go against all the
This stuff is
kindergarten crap!"
snorted the
woman tourist
in sensible shoes
as she rounded on us
accusation and malice
glinting suddenly
in her bored eyes.

Turning her back
just when she did,
she totally missed
the big sketch that
captured completely in
three bold, sure, strokes
the utter essence
of proud goatiness
(Picasso was a guy
who knew from goats)
right back at her
already leaping off
that flat plane
to butt her bored ass.


Fingers said...

I simply love poems that talk about goats and bored asses in the same breath!

4th Dwarf said...

And I like poems that use the phrase "kindergarten crap".

Good doggy!

coyote said...

Fingers: And so do I. Glad you like it.

Short Guy: Arf. Now, where the hell's my biscuit?