Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Silver song

She wears silver
has eyes like water
deep and clear
a secret river

Se wears silver
bright as mirrors
west wind blowing
makes her shiver

She wears silver
cold as anger
cannot linger
for a dreamlost lover

She wears silver
desert daughter
souls are oceans
she's a diver.


Day Dreamer said...

"souls are oceans,
she's a diver."

I love that line!

Fingers said...

Is this about a fish?

I like.

coyote said...

'dreamer: Thanks, I kinda like that bit too. This is, I think, a lyric -- maybe partial -- that's still looking for its music...

fingers: I thought it was about a woman -- but looking back, I can see she could be part-fish. Maybe a mermaid?