Monday, July 17, 2006


After he dumped you
you chainsmoked
two decks
of cheap cigarettes
and piled the ashes
high on his low memory.

Now the sofa
smells bad
but your head
is clearing
and sometimes
you're smiling
between coughs.


Anonymous said...

You are extremely bad. And, may I add, they ain't so cheap anymore.
But I do appreciate the memorial to my latest adventure...

coyote said...

Told ya I was a dog....

Anonymous said...

No man is worth 10 yards of old dirty carpet in your mouth...but it does keep the mosquitos away though.

Agatha said...

Nice one, Coyote. He's evil brilliance, eh, Anonymous? Hope the smoke is clearing.

Anonymous said...

Nah, he's not evil at all. Nice guy, confused times, I'd say. He DOES have an evil twin, as you know Aggie. Maybe some of that was wearing off on him? Nah, again. I don't really think so.

Smoke IS clearing, thanks.

coyote said...

Okay, not evil. This disappoints me to no end, but I'll bear up. What about brilliant?

Clifford Duffy said...

come visit us at

its a cabaret a fair a carnival

your verse work would suit it.. you tell stories of "cheap cigarettes/and piled the ashes/high on his low memory." and so on and it works, right? Writing is a machine that wants to be plugged into other machines...
"now the sofa/smells bad/
but your head/is clearing...." yes, bold farer of poetic process.

coyote said...

Thanks, Clifford. Whether it's mechanical or biological, it does want to consort with others of its kind. I'll be in touch -- and reading, with pleasure.