Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipse II

Sunrise; eclipse fades
just before totality
into paling dawn.


adi said...

and i was thinking of a black moon today...

what if the light was black, would it have eclipsed with white?

Luara said...

I had to laugh out loud.
As I was looking for something to read about the singin moon I found these white pages. Earlier today I was thinking that it would've been nice to see the eclipse I didn't see.

Now I've been reading all these words, folded like some beautiful exotic origami I keep seeing new shapes in.

Thank you.

coyote said...

Adi; maybe leaving a little black crescent in the daytime sky, except if light was black, then so would the daytime sky be....?

Luara; Thank you. What a wonderful description of this space -- and what a wonderful compliment. May you laugh long and freely...