Monday, October 29, 2007


A woman's
high bootheels

against concrete

dried leaves
in wind

crack on the back
of a park bench

small hard
snow pellets
in the first sudden squall
against a window
that cascades cold
into a dim room

an echoing season





DayDreamer said...

The sharp bite of winter....

Angelfish said...

I love this - whenever I miss winter I just come here....

Aggie said...

There is a crack in everything.

coyote said...

Thanks for dropping by, all. Been awhile since I did a longer(ish), written piece....

'Dreamer: Yes; all too sharp. Hi! have you gotten any where you are yet?

Angelfish: Am I really so frosty?

Aggie: What kinda crack is that?

_Soulless_ said...

I've only known winter through stories and poetry and pictures. Your poem brings it to me, in this quiet room. At five in the morning, way before dawn. It's a refreshing plus, especially on a Monday. Thank you. ^_^