Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The unbearable Brillante-ness of being

Ahem. Robin K has nominated me for a Brillante Award. He says this blog is 'mostly pretty good'. High praise indeed.

Mr. K has probably noted my reaction to memes elsewhere, and he will probably be enjoying this part: I now should nominate seven more blogs for the award, which they too may proudly display. Like Robin, I doubt that I read that many blogs. But, hey. I've been memed recently, and I think I'll pass on the favour. Just this once. (Robin sort of suggests that if you get more than two, this would be a perfect opportunity to be, ummm, quietly gracious. Heh.)

So I shall nominate:
  • Aggie, the Elgin Street Muse;
  • Woodsy the Wood Nymph at Coloured Marbles;
  • Robin K. at Watawa Life, because I really want to see how goes about keeping his second Brillante quiet;
  • and Pandora at Studio 901, who recently so kindly memed me, then scolded my (almost inevitable) reaction.
  • There is no fifth nomination....

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