Wednesday, May 04, 2011



Centretowner said...

The building is almost done, and I've been watching it regularly on the webcam (taking screenshots every few days!)

You've really captured the detail, which makes me realize that every little piece of glass and metal had to be made and ordered specifically for the place where it now is. It's not like bricks where you can just grab a bunch of them out of a pile.

I lose that perspective when looking at it so far away (like kilometres away, through a webcam). Thanks for the reminder!

coyote said...

I expect that all buildings are big jigsaws.

But if architects and designers and engineers couldn't hoof their exquisitely complex digital CAD designs straight to suppliers' custom CAM factories, some'd look a bunch different

Would the new Convention Centre facade even be feasible without all that...?

Centretowner said...

Nope, one of the recurring themes in the talk around the convention centre is that it would not have been possible five years ago.