Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brigadier McAvity


David Scrimshaw said...

Looks like that's a Brigadier M59 from T. McAvity & Sons Ltd, now owned by Clow Canada.

Just based on what I see at

Apparently in World War 1, the "Fighting 26th" New Brunswick Battalion was recruited, and taken to France, by the late Lieutenant-Colonel James L. McAvity and many of the firms employees were enlisted in this unit.

But there's no indication that Lt-Col McAvity was ever promoted to Brigadier-General.

coyote said...

Who knew? I just liked his blue toque and big yellow nose...

For any hydrant geeks, it's an M67.

Are there any hydrant geeks?

Anyway, you might have been able to see that in the image, before my new, ummm, improved Blogger photo uploader downsized it to the only available option: "Stupidly Tiny"...

coyote said...

Right then. I have been swamping around in parts of the InterTubeZ that a coyote would really rather not go. The help forums.

Long story short, whatever code Google busted yesterday, they've managed to digitally plaster it back over.

Large, sharp pix is back!

At least for now.