Saturday, November 26, 2005

Gopher poems


We live
close to the ground
or under it
once in awhile
raising the courage
to stand up rigid
ouside our holes
and scan the horizon
for coyotes, cars, cows,
before popping down
safely underground
to discuss
in nuanced chirps
and whistles
the Chicken Little
theory of gravity.


The ground
is flat.
The sky
is flat.
Even the
$#@$%*!! light
is flat.
I squint
at the horizon
and realize
not for
the first time
that this is
no place
for the nearsighted
the faint of heart
or the agoraphobic.


Fingers said...

Aye aye! I want to discuss the Chicken Little theory of gravity too.
yes! The ground is flat.
yes! The sky is flat.
Yes! The *beep* light, too.

I wear glasses, but can see quite clearly without them too. Not agoraphobic at all!

coyote said...

Then I shall dub you Honorary Prairie Dog...